Trainee Testimonials

Trainee Testimonials

Read what some of our current trainees have to say about their teacher training experiences with Mid Essex ITT:

Grace - former student of placement school

Trainee in Media Studies at The Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls, 2020-2021

"After my own teachers had such an impact on my life during school, I knew that teaching was the career for me. Being able to inspire students, teaching a subject I love sounded perfect.

"From the start and throughout, MEITT were so supportive and guided me through my training year step by step. MEITT provided me with the experience I needed before I started teaching which helped so much with the initial nerves of teaching my first starter, all the way to leading classes with my mentor observing.

"My main placement through my training year was at Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls. At the school I was given excellent support from everybody, including SLT and Heads of School.

"The training with MEITT had a focus each week which developed my teaching practice and enabled us to relate the theory to real life. These sessions were led by the MEITT team, past MEITT trainees, and specialists in their field which made them so exciting. We were also able to connect with each other as a trainee cohort to relay experiences and share ideas.

"Initially I was so nervous about embarking on my PGCE, but the team at MEITT were so supportive and ensured that we all kept on track and were there to help if needed. The balance between teaching experience and academic responsibilities was perfect and very balanced, and the MEITT team were always on the other end of an email if I needed support.

"In the January of my training year, I decided to do my NQT year in a different phase, I was so nervous that I was the only person feeling like this and confided in the MEITT team. However, they made my fears disappear and connected me with past MEITT trainees who have done the same thing! And I am here today with a NQT post in an amazing school. 

"I could not recommend MEITT enough as a teacher training provider. They truly care and go above and beyond for all of us, from ‘trainee of the week’ to the little surprises in the post, I am so grateful to them for all their dedication and hard work.

"If I had any advice for future trainees is grab every opportunity with both hands, always have chocolate in your backpack for those five period days which feel like 10 and stay organised!"

Andy - career-changer training part time

Part-time trainee in MFL at Honywood School, 2020-2022

"Having completed my degree in Business and French I went on to work for a French bank in London for about 15 years. After having children I increasingly wanted to do something different, more rewarding and to make a difference to young people's lives. Several years ago I took the decision to become a full time stay at home dad until both of my children were in school. 

"During that time I undertook several short school placements to gain some experience and also learnt some basic Spanish to complement the French that I could already offer. The part-time course that MEITT offer was ideal for me to be able to balance the demands of teacher training with family life, without 'too' much detriment to either!

"My placement for the majority of the time was at Honywood School in Coggeshall where my mentor, the MFL department and the wider teaching staff provided a really supportive and encouraging environment. My initial training year coincided with the global pandemic so there were lockdowns, a year of online training sessions from MEITT and periods of self isolation which were testing for everyone. However I truly feel that MEITT did the best they could in the situation, listened and adapted to our feedback and still provided a complete training experience."

Beth - recent graduate

Trainee in English at Hedingham School and Sixth Form, 2020-2021

"Graduating with a degree in English Language and Linguistics from the University of York, it was obvious to me that Mid Essex ITT was a training provider that embodied the values that are foundational to the success of any teacher. Becoming a teacher aged 21 with my career in teaching being the first full-time job I have had, it has been wonderful to meet and work alongside a cohort of individuals with a plethora of life experience, in both their past careers and education. 

"It is so clear that Mid Essex care deeply about the individuals training with them; wellbeing underpins Mid Essex ITT and this is apparent from the very beginning. What appealed to me most about Mid Essex ITT was the kindness that radiates within the provider, as well as the support you receive whilst studying for your QTS and PGCE. Mid Essex is comprised of a small, close-knit team who will get to know you, both as a trainee and an individual, meaning support is targeted and personal. There is also a greater awareness of the changing educational landscape, with CPD sessions from The Black Curriculum, school counsellors and educational professionals, further highlighting Mid Essex’s awareness of the changing landscape of education, and how we as trainees fit within that.

"Mid Essex Initial Teacher Training is nothing short of an exceptional provider, and the individuals who work within the team are wonderful.  Being a teacher is life-affirming, rewarding and wonderful – I completely attribute Mid Essex ITT for helping to shape me into the teacher I am today."

Mid Essex ITT

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