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Meet Your Representatives!

Meet Your Representatives!

Article Date: 26 September 2022

Article Date: 26 September 2022

Each year we at Mid Essex ITT host a Quality Assurance Committee where representatives from across the programme meet to share the views of the cohort and look at the provision that we offer.

Representatives include those from the professional side, aswell as trainees, who are able to feed back the views of the cohort.

We appreciate all feedback received as this allows us to continue to develop and evolve to suit the needs of our trainees. Meet this year’s committee!:

Role at Mid Essex ITT
Claire Goodchild
Chelmer Valley High School 
Professional Mentor
Keeley Hillman
Hedingham School and Sixth Form
Lead Subject Tutor Joe Woodley Helena Romanes School
Daniel Andrews
Chelmer Valley High School 
Olivia Judd
Plume Academy (Psychology)
Francesca Everest
St Martins School