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  • End of B Placement

    End of B Placement

Article Date: 21 March 2023

Article Date: 21 March 2023
As our trainees' time at their B placement schools comes to an end today, they have truly demonstrated that teaching is anything but boring!
We are pleased to feature some of their various activities this term. Thank you so much to Will, Megan, Isabelle, Chloe, Khalid, Chloe F and Amber for contributing these lovely images!
Starting at B placement can be a little daunting for trainees - moving to a new school just as they are feeling settled at their first one. But we always find that within a short time they are just as settled and that they find it a hugely-beneficial learning experience and a vitally-important part of their training.
Well done to all of you for completing it and we wish you the best of luck as you return to your A Placements after Easter!
Big thanks also to our partnership schools for hosting our trainees and ensuring their time at B Placement adds value to their training - we couln't do this without you!